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Heat Printing Events | Stahls' Hotronix & Target TransfersHeat Printing Events | Stahls' Hotronix & Target Transfers

What's Coming Up? The Latest Heat Printing Events

LIVE Events - Visit the Heat Printing Innovation Centre

Unleash The Colour Live - Heat Printing Masterclass

This LIVE, in person, half-day follow up to the leading virtual seminar for garment decorators of 2021.

Start saying YES to all decorated apparel jobs! This half-day event is loaded with classes to help bring full colour into your business from cost efficiencies to selling best practices. If you missed out on this GLOBAL event in April, now is the time to connect with leading decorators and presenters from the UK!


- Reviewing and establishing your Business Goals

- What are full colour heat transfers

- How to sell full colour to your customer - Simplify Your Sales Approach and Just Say YES

- Uses of full colour – key markets for growth

- Lean logo formula - maximise profit when garment decorating - How to apply full colour designs

Tickets include £50 Easy View Transfer Credit

For best results we recommend bring own laptop , so you can put the lean logo formula into practise.

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Unleash the Colour LIVE - Target Transfers EventUnleash the Colour LIVE - Target Transfers Event

Heat Printing Innovation Centre - Masterclass

Multiple Dates Available, Click HERE to Book.

At our Heat Pinting Innovation Centre we have the the largest UK display of Stahls' and Hotronix machines on display and ready to demonstrate, allowing you to make sure you get the right Heat Press, Transfers and Heat Transfer Vinyl for your business.

As part of the Stahls' group we are very proud to offer a range of premium vinyl and custom transfers that stand the test of time, wash after wash. If you would like to try for yourself then book and appointment and we can walk through all the possibilities.


Online Events

Online Event: Every Easy View Tool Explained | 9th December, 6pm

Ordering your Custom Heat Transfers Online has never been easier thanks to Easy View. In this LIVE Event, we will be taking you through the quick and simple ordering process with Easy View as well as the built in tools that will save your business time and money. Plus, the hack that everyone wants to know… how to save money and increase profit per sheet with EVERY ORDER you place.

Join us LIVE on Thursday 9th December at 6pm on Facebook, YouTube and LinkedIn.

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Best Practice for Screen Printed Heat Transfer Application - Festive Edition

Learn best practice for your heat transfer application, top tips for ensuring an accurate fuse, how to maximise profit when ordering your transfers and a Q&A.

Covered in this LIVE Event:

• Best Practice for Screen Printed Heat Transfer Application

• Top Tips to ensure a long lasting transfer

• Heat Printing Accessories that will save you time and increase product quality

• How to maximise profit when ordering Custom Heat Transfers

• How to include our LIMITED EDITION Shimmer Inks in your transfer orders for FREE!

• Q&A – Ask us anything!

How To Create Full Colour Artwork

Are you looking to offer more design options this Christmas? We are joined by leading design and educator Dane Clement for a tutorial on how to create full colour artwork for Christmas designs. Conquer your design software this Christmas with go-to techniques, tips, and tricks This live event is ideal for new and existing transfer designers.

Topics covered in this event:

• Manipulating Full Colour designs using Adobe Photoshop • How to add gradients and fades to your designs

• Best practise for full colour transfer artwork

• Working with stock designs

• How to create festive designs that sell

• Using these designs to create a gang sheet on Easy View

• Q&A with Dane Clement (Great Dane Graphics)

LIVE Christmas Q&A

If you're planning to sell products over the festive season this year, you need to start planning! There's nothing worse than not being prepared.


During this event you will:

- Learn whats new for Screen and UltraColour Heat Transfers
- Find out about limited edition Christmas Colours for 2021
- Discover how to maximise sales and profits for Christmas
- Ask our team of experts your questions, LIVE
- Get Access to exclusive Christmas HTV bundles
Our new products will level up your heat printing business this year.

How To Use Easy View

It's never been easier to get started with Heat Transfers in the UK. Easy View® online design center, the free design tool from Target Transfers, gives you the freedom to get the UK's leading Heat Transfers 24/7. During this webinar, we’ll show you:

• The basic tools and features of Easy View
• When to use 1-5 Screen vs UltraColour transfers
• How to use our NEW stock designs
• Changing ink colors and sizing
• Setting up gang sheets
• Getting an instant price
• Creating mockups and ordering
• How to get the fastest delivery times
• Heat applying transfers

How to Heat Press Hats

Want to know how to start hat printing? Need to learn how to heat apply 6-panel caps?

Join us and leading headwear supplier Beechfield Brands as we take you through how to decorate any hat with the New Hotronix 360 IQ Hat Heat Press.

Along with the hat trends you need to bring to your customers over the next 6 months.

How To: Tagless Neck Labels

Custom Heat Transfers have not only changed the way you add your designs to garments, they also allow you to add high quality, long-lasting branding to products. How? Tagless Neck Labels!

Join us LIVE on Tuesday 26th October at 6:30 pm to discover how tagless neck labels can help grow your heat printing business.

During this LIVE Event, Andy and Molly will be explaining exactly what non-woven neck labels are, how to design effective neck labels, how to source them and how to apply them to garments. They will also be holding a Q&A at the end of the event to answer your questions about how tagless neck labels.


Download FREE Artwork Template HERE.

Heat Transfer Types - Which Transfer is for you?

Custom Heat Transfers are an easy and affordable way to decorate garments and make a profit. They're used to get a soft finish, that feels like part of the garment and to get vibrant colours, neon’s and metallic finishes from your designs.

There are 3 different Heat Transfer Types available depending on your design and the garment you're applying them to. During this LIVE Event we will explain the difference between Screen Printed, UltraColour and SubliBlocker Heat Transfers, which you should use and when as well as a demonstration of how to apply each one.

Click HERE to get started with Custom Heat Transfers.

LIVE Showroom Tour

Get the first look at Target Transfers’ brand new showroom! Plus, exclusive early access to bookings, whether it’s for training, a 1:1 session or to take a closer look at your next heat press. Be the first to visit with early access for event attendees.

Click HERE to Book your Visit.

Unleash the Colour of Transfers - Virtual Event on DemandUnleash the Colour of Transfers - Virtual Event on Demand

Unleash The Colour of Transfers | A Heat Press for Profit ™ Virtual Event

Start saying YES to all decorated apparel jobs! This all-day event is loaded with classes to help bring full colour into your business from logo creation to selling best practices. Don’t miss out on this GLOBAL event to connect with decorators and presenters from around the world!
Class topics:
- Simplify Your Sales Approach
- Selecting the Right Transfer for the Job
- Creating Designs that Sell T-Shirts
- Maximizing Profits with UltraColour
- Selling Full Colour into 5 key markets
And much more!
Watch the Full Event HERE.