How Do I Get Started with Heat Transfer Vinyl (HTV)?How Do I Get Started with Heat Transfer Vinyl (HTV)?

What You'll Need

Creating high quality, unique products for your heat printing business is easy to do with Stahls' HTV. To get started using HTV, you'll need a Vinyl Cutter, a Heat Press, and some Accessories.

Hotronix Heat Presses

What Is A Heat Press?

A heat press is a machine used to apply materials including Heat Transfer Vinyl (HTV)  onto garments like T-shirts, bags, sweatshirts and more. You simply load your chosen garment onto the Heat Press, place your HTV where you want to apply it, and fuse.

Depending on which HTV you are using your application settings will be slightly different. Click HERE to learn about the different types of HTV available.

We Are Hotronix

Hotronix® heat presses feature the world’s most innovative technology. Featuring Auto Open and over-the-centre pressure adjustment, all machines are made in the USA.



Vinyl Cutters

At Target Transfers, we have an excellent variety of Plotter Cutters to meet your textile vinyl cutting needs. Whether you're a start up or a full time heat printing business, we have a Vinyl Cutter to suit your requirements.


If you're starting out, or producing one off designs for customers, we'd recommend a Silhouette Cutter. There are a range available on our website (HERE) however We'd recommend the Cameo 4 Plus and Cameo Pro due to their wider cutting width and efficiency.


If you are producing a large amount of stock and ready to increase your business's output, we'd recommend a Plotter Cutter. We supply both Graphtec and Summa Plotter Cutters. Both are highly recommended machines and available in multiple sizes.


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Heat Press Accessories

When heat printing onto garments, there are some essential accessories you'll need. This will not only help protect your heat press (maintaining it's good condition throughout use) and your transfer, it will also increase your production efficiency, accuracy and overall quality of your products. 

Some of the Essentials

Quick Slip Platen Protector: Protect the lower platen of your heat press and make it easier to slide garments on and off of the platen with the Quick Slip Lower Platen Protector.

Lower Heat Press Platens: Allow you to isolate specific areas on your garment and apply your transfer with complete accurate pressure and therefore a long-lasting product.

Ultimate Weeding Accessories: The LED Weeder highlights your cut lines as you weed, making weeding a quicker and easier process. Accompanied with an LED Pin and Stahls' Tweezers.


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Save with Exclusive Bundles


We have a range of bundles available from start up to advanced to help you start and grow your business for less. Featuring all of the highest quality machines and materials, you can save up to £1,000 with our HTV Bundles. Exclusive to Target Transfers.



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Heat Transfer Vinyl BundlesHeat Transfer Vinyl Bundles

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