A Heat Press For Every Business

We Are Hotronix

Hotronix® heat presses feature the world’s most innovative technology. Featuring Auto Open and over-the-centre pressure adjustment, all machines are made in the USA.

What is a heat press?

A heat press is a machine used to print a variety of heat transfers onto substrates like T-shirts, bags, jerseys and more. Heat transfers can include heat transfer vinyl (HTV), screen printed transfers, and more.

How can I get a Hotronix press in the UK

Target Transfers is the UK Divison of Stahls' and Hotronix. Home to largest UK stock of these Heat Presses.

How to chose your Heat Press: Hotronix vs Import Press Review

When starting or growing your garment business, choosing the right Heat Press is essential.

In this review video, Josh Ellsworth compares the Hotronix® Heat Press with the latest cheap import, to show you how important it is to invest in a quality Heat Press machine.

What Is The Difference Between Presses

A heat press is a great addition to any garment decorating business to quickly create and customize not only t-shirts and sports uniforms, but an array of accessories and just about anything! Our variety of heat presses include Clam, Swinger and Draw heat presses.

Stahls’ Hotronix® heat presses not only give excellent distribution of heat and pressure to apply any heat transfer vinyl or material, but they are also reliable and provide the ultimate ease of use while decorating.

In this video, we show you what extras you get as you work up the Hotronix Heat Press range.



Hotronix® Dual Air Fusion IQ Heat Press


hotronix dual air fusion iq

Hotronix® Air Fusion IQ Heat Press

from £3,295.00

hotronix air fusion iq

Hotronix® Fusion IQ Heat Press


hotronix fusion iq

Hotronix® 360 IQ Hat Press


360 fusion iq hat press

Hotronix® Auto Open Clam Heat Press

From £780.00

hotronix auto open heat press 

Hotronix® MAXX Heat Press

From £600.00

hotronix maxx heat press


What to look for in a heat press?

Consistent heat across the top platen

This is probably the most important feature to look for when buying a heat press. If you do not have even heat across the top platen, you will struggle to fuse your garment. With inconsistent heat your vinyl or graphics are in danger of being under or overpressed.


A good way to measure the longevity of a potential heat press is too look at its warranty. Most manufacturers should offer you at least a 30 year warranty on the heating element of the press. This way you are guaranteed a press that can handle anything. From all day use through to occasional pressing, and will stand the test of time.

Multiple heat settings

Not all heat press materials have the same finish. 10°C could make all the difference to a successful press, depending on the type of vinyl or graphic finish you are using. Make sure you can set an exact temperature on your press. .

Variable pressure

One of the most common mistakes made by first time users is to get the pressure of the press wrong. If you are pressing a t-shirt, a hoody or any other garment, they all require different pressures. Look for a press that will allow you to adjust the pressure of the top platen. Hotronix leads the way with pressure, having patented over-centre adjustment on presses.


One way of guaranteeing this is to get a press with a threadable bottom platen. This will allow you to get more of the garment over the lower platen. Giving you a more consistent and accurate surface area to press onto. 


Staff considerations

When choosing a press, make sure you consider how it will be operated. If the press is running all day or even longer, you need to think about how the opening and closing of a press affects your team. For a press operated for prolonged periods of time, an auto-open press or an air assisted press is recommended. These styles ensure the physical impact of all-day pressing is minimal.