Fusion IQ - The smartest heat press in the industry

The Fusion IQ has arrived and you can be the first to get your hands on it.

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The world’s most advanced heat press just got smarter. The Fusion IQ gets you access to the Hotronix Online Portal to manage users, generate usage reports, and troubleshoot issues.

Plus, a brand-new controller with a larger, higher resolution screen makes it easier than ever to modify settings and save recipes.

Touch screen technology lets you easily set time, temperature, and pressure.

How to get hold of an IQ first

You can be one of the first in the UK To get hold of the IQ. Follow the link below and add one of the Stahls' Hotronix Fusion machines to your cart and you will automatically be selected for an IQ model machine at no extra cost.

Available machines

Hotronix Fusion - Swing and Draw Press

Hotronix Air Fusion -Table Top

Hotronix Air Fusion - Pedestal

Hotronix Air Fusion - Dual Platens with laser alignment

Why buy from Target Transfers

As the UK home for Stahls' and Stahls' Hotronix you can get your press direct from the manufacturer. This allows us to offer you unrivalled support for your new press and the materials you use with it.

More about the IQ

  • Online access to reporting, including total impressions, active/idle time, and average cycle time.
  • Self-diagnostics help with troubleshooting and maintenance.
  • Threadability™ makes it easy to load garments onto the lower platen and print front, back, and sides
  • Quick Change lower platens available for printing smaller items, hats, shoes, etc.
  • Multiple time settings.
  • Auto on/off setting.
  • Multi-level password settings.
  • Energy-saving 4 hour sleep mode.
  • Production cycle counter.
  • Available in eight languages.
  • 3/4" thick non-stick coated upper platen.
  • Set to F° or C°
  • Easy-to-install interchangeable platens.
  • Live digital time, temperature, and pressure readout.

Fusion IQ Warranty

  • Lifetime Warranty on Heating Element
  • 5 yr on Framework
  • 2 yr on Circuit board
  • 1 yr parts/labour