What is Heat Transfer Vinyl?What is Heat Transfer Vinyl?

What Is HTV?

Heat Transfer Vinyl is a material that can be cut into any design, shape, or size you wish to decorate anything from jerseys to t-shirts and everything in-between.

All you have to do is cut your design out of the HTV using a cutter, weed (remove the excess vinyl) your design and fuse it to your chosen garment with a heat press.

Heat Transfer Vinyl is high quality and long-lasting, meaning you can create heat printed products with confidence. It's also great for adding a personalised touch to products as you can create as many or as little of each design as you need.

There is a variety of finishes available such as Glitter, Matte, Metallic and more. Click here to see all types of HTV explained.

It can be purchased online, either by the metre or by the roll, with bigger cost savings the larger the quantity ordered.

How To Use Stahls' Glitter HTV

In this video we're using Glitter HTV, taking you through the entire process from start to finish.


Stahls' Glitter HTV is the perfect Vinyl for adding vibrant sparkle and shine to any design! It's super easy to cut and weed, Vegan and Oeko-Tex Approved (safe for children's clothing), comes in 55 stunning colours including pastels and fluorescents and needs a hot peel after pressing.


Application Instructions:

Time: 10 Seconds

Temp: 150°c

Pressure: Medium (4-6 on a Hotronix Heat Press)

Peel: Hot


Recommended Fabrics:

Cotton Poly/Cotton Blends 100% polyester*

*Testing is always advised

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